Can You Help Me Request A Local Document?

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Below you can find some of the most common local documents and a brief description.



This document proves the current residence of a tenant in Germany. It is sometimes requested by immigration authorities.

Erklärung zur Miete:

This is a document used to explain how much a tenant pays for rent. This document may be requested by the Jobcenter, Auslanderbehörde or other authority offices.


Certificate of the rent paid or debt-free certificate. This document proves that, as a tenant, you don’t have any debts with Habyt. We will only be able to issue this document for you if all payments were made on time. In some cases, this document has an additional cost of 25€. 


Note that it is your legal obligation to de-register from our apartment with the local municipality office whether or not you leave the country.


"Riconsegna tra le parti":

  • Our Support Team will approach you via email to send you the necessary information regarding any closing costs and provide you with a “Riconsegna tra le parti” document explaining the charges deducted from your deposit.
  • These closing costs could come from damages, or outstanding rents (if any), as well as the 67€ registration tax, and 100€ Membership Fee required before moving in (in case you did not settle it before).

The Netherlands


  • Note that it is your legal obligation to de-register from your apartment with the local municipality office whether or not you leave the country. 
  • This is both very important to you (so you can register at your new address) and to the next person that arrives in your old room (since they won’t be able to register there unless the previous tenant has deregistered). 
  • Please send us proof of your deregistration via the Members Portal or the Mobile App.
  • Some Municipalities provide you with a confirmation document. If the Municipality did not give you this document, you can send any of these alternatives:
    • Proof of your new registration
    • Screenshot of the online confirmation when you deregistered online
    • Screenshot of your communication with the municipality when doing the process

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